Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simple Eco-Friendly Steps to Prevent Dengue, Malaria

Currently with the Dengue going on in the city, it is imperative that we use some method to keep the mosquitoes away. And we end up using the various chemicals available off the shelf. Reluctantly or not we use them in the form of repellant creams, liquid repellants, sprays or coils which not only harm our own health but the environment too.

Here is an eco-friendly, and a simple tried-and-tested method.

A few drops of citronella oil in half a bucket of water for mopping the floors ensures a no-entry for these blood suckers. You may want to use it in diffusers around your home. If you wish you might even use it in a spray bottle with half a bottle of water and a few drops of the oil and spray it on surfaces that easily attract mosquitoes, like in balconies, around plants etc.

And when you go out, instead of using a repellant cream, just wiping the exposed area using a damp towel with a few drops of the citronella oil dropped on it, keeps you protected.

It is not only effective but also an economically, environmentally, chemical-free and natural solution to this mega problem. A word of caution here. Please do a patch test before using it on skin. Use skin-friendly oil as it comes in different forms, not all of which may be skin-friendly. 


  1. Where do you get good citronella from? It's so hard to source

    1. Hi Coral,
      You could search for it where you get aroma oils or essential oils. I found them in most cities in India.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad to be of help! Good health and cheer for the New Year!

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