Why Vegan

We are surrounded by abundance, yet a billion people are going hungry each day! Why? Only because enormous amounts of grain are being fed to the cows, pigs, chickens and other animals to satisfy human desire for meat, milk, eggs, etc. Raising animals for food takes up so much land, water, and other resources that the rising numbers of humans have to go hungry so the animals are fed.
Population is growing but Earth’s resources are not. “Vegan choices support a world where all may be fed.... Making vegan choices may be the most powerful choice you can make as an individual to help save the planet. Raising animals for human consumption contributes to global warming more than all the planes, cars, trucks, on the planet combined."

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Apart from the environment, it helps you grow yourself! When you refuse to harm animals for the purpose of eating them it also shows your ability to show compassion to the helpless animals. Those who have known animals – be it through having pets, or through working for them- know that like us they too have their own individual personalities. No two dogs or cats you ever met are the same. You even talk to them like they were human. You begin to understand their likes, dislikes, emotions and know what makes them happy or sad, afraid or angry. The same applies to the farm animals, just like pets, they crave for affection and love, instead they are eaten up.
The choice you make today will help make the world of tomorrow. A world full of fresh air, clean water, a green world, plenty to feed everyone, or a world that’s worse than what we have today, where even breathing may be risky due to environmental degradation, going out in the sun may be a thing of the past thanks to high levels of global warming, hunger and poverty due to earth’s dwindling resources..

Go Vegan and change the world.

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