Friday, May 17, 2013

A trip to Pune

I was looking for a hotel in Pune, somewhere that I would be able to get vegan food at least if not anything else (though tea was something I wished I could get, but I let that be for a while). So anyway with great trepidation I booked us into a hotel near the airport…called New Leaf. But I must say that they were a pleasant surprise. It’s a compact, decent, new property and their high point is their staff. A highly motivated, dedicated, caring, courteous and simple lot. Extremely helpful too. Their warmth is to be experienced, so I wouldn’t like to tell too much…Interiors are neat, functional and pleasant except for their bathrooms, which I personally found a bit too small. Food-wise, the chef was quite helpful and they did tweak the dishes to veganize them so it was a very nice stay I had there, except for one little mishap as my mother tripped right at the entrance and was in pain for most of the stay. But the caring attitude of the staff saw to it that she was well taken care of. It would be really great if someone from Pune went and spoke to them about veganism as they are quite open to introducing a vegan menu too!


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