What do vegans eat?
Vegans eat everything that comes from plants. They only avoid all animals and their products like dairy, and eggs.
Apart from avoiding animal products as food they may also avoid using anything that’s been tested on animals including cosmetics, medicines, and the like; and may also avoid products made out of animal parts like leather, silk, fur etc.

Which is the best way to go vegan?
There is no specific way that can be recommended. Some may choose to turn vegetarian and then gradually do away with eggs and dairy products followed by honey and then may embrace usage of cruelty-free products. You can even go straight from non-vegetarian to vegan if you want to. Use the method that is most suitable to you.

Why can’t the sale of dairy products be stopped if they are harmful to health?
People do not know it’s harmful for their health. Once they come to know of it then the sale of dairy products will come down by itself. Simply because- if there are no takers there will be no makers. When people stop taking them the factories will stop making them. The issue here is educating people on the subject.

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