Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Go Vegan

How to turn Vegan u ask?

Many people try the vegan diet on a short term basis to start with - perhaps you could start on a one-month trial basis. Decide to stay off dairy products completely for one whole month during which there should be no exceptions of "just this once" kind... If you could also get organic produce, nothing like it...but if not then nothing to worry about...still go ahead with what is available.

Make sure that you exclude dairy in all forms...there are many unnoticed routes that the dairy takes into our system. In order to successfully restrict dairy consumption you first need to know the foods through which you consume dairy. Apart from the usual milk, tea, coffee, curd, ghee, cheese, paneer, there are other foods like biscuits, cakes, pastries, ice creams, mithais, chocolates, ready made coconut milk powder, ready made peanut butter, even instant noodles and packaged potato chips and many more through which you consume dairy ... so get into the habit of reading labels before you actually start off. And then there are hotel preparations like dal makhani, channa bhatura, all butter masala preparations, mix veg (generally contains paneer), and some others which may not really indicate the presence of dairy in a dish - so the best practice to adopt is to check the ingredients of what you want to order. I have found that the hotel staff is quite helpful and even check with the chef in case they are not aware. Even a yellow dal can have a tadka of ghee! So eating out is still very much in - if at all anything changes it only makes you a much more aware person from what you were earlier.

So once you have decided to go vegan just do it...and then stick to it...for a month - and keep a close watch on your health and the surprises you get. Do remember that initially your body may go through a cleansing process...which may include symptoms like colds and diarrhoea. But this should subside in a few days time and then you begin to get your I had no disease as such but then got rid of my occasional insomnia, stiffness of joints, fatigue, breathlessness and climbing stairs became much more easy and got many more benefits... We actually begin to live with a lot of discomfort without even realizing that we are not comfortable, which is why when it reverses we get pleasantly surprised to know that these discomforts are really not age-related but diet-related.

So wish you a happy transformation...& write in if you need any particular information on this. Also would love it if you share your experience on turning vegan.

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  1. What i found within a week of turning vegan was that my morning breath was gone. No gas. No heaviness from the dairy products that i earlier felt. I used to have pimples all year round vanished a week or two after.
    Besides that I'm surprised i don't miss the milk in my tea and coffee. I recently found soy milk in a store and tried using it in the tea and coffee once and although it tasted good to me i love it much more without any flavor or sugar as it has a quite intense flavor in itself.