Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Vegan

As new Vegans there are many changes we observe in our body. During the initial months one of the changes may be a feeling of trembling weakness if the diet is not balanced. In such a situation the first thought that automatically comes to mind is that this new diet is faulty. That all the hoopla about veganism is a lie! Going along these lines we may end up reverting to our original diets thinking that it kept our body strong (assuming the trembling is due to weakness) and that all the people following that diet cannot be wrong! But how wrong they really are, has already been proved in higher incidence of disease etc...!! Those who consistently persist with their new diet soon find that the weakness is temporary. We must remember that the body changes gradually. If we do not meddle with the system and give it enough time, then we will see the desired changes. Some changes take more time than the others. For example if one has been out in the sun for a long time and goes into an ill-lit room, vision almost blacks out – that does not mean we have lost 90% of our vision. It simply means our body is taking time to adapt to its current situation. Until such time we have to bear the inconvenient symptoms. Similarly when we go vegan we need to give the body a couple of months to adapt to the new diet while taking care to have a balanced diet.


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    I have been trying to find vegan community in NCR and stumbled upon this blog. I could not find any contact details here so commenting on this post. Can you please send me an email address to contact?

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    You could write to You could also add delhi vegans as friend on facebook.