Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Veganism & Health

Hi! Its been a long time since I posted...Attention occasionally gets diverted to more pressing issues and this tends to take a back seat...sorry for the long absence..! But now that I am here I'd like to make up...

Veganism does not automatically mean healthy food. It only means that the food we choose to eat does not have any animal product, not that the food we have chosen to eat is super healthy! Vegan options like dairy-free chocolates, French fries, carbonated drinks, sweet dishes (Besan ke laddoo or Motichoor ke laddoo)...made using dairy-free oil options...though vegan, cannot really be called as healthy food. While we choose the Vegan way we need to also keep a check on our food choices especially if our aim is to improve health or lose weight, etc. The examples I have given will of course have to be adapted to choose from the cuisine that one is using. Here I am concentrating on the normal Delhi-ites choices. Follow the rules mentioned on my page Healthy Eating as the basis for healthy choices and you'll know what is good and what's not - no matter what the cuisine.

Will be back...soon this time! Until then Stay healthy!

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