Sunday, November 18, 2012

More vegan home remedies for cold

Herbal cough syrup

This helps to slowly get rid of cough and strengthen the respiratory system. I have tested it time and again but do not expect instant results. So if u want to you may use lozenges for immediate relief alongside though not just before or after taking this.

Requires - 2 cups of water, 9 black peppercorns - crushed, a small bit of licorice- coarsely pounded, 1/2 tbsp of palm sugar, a small bit of dried ginger - coarsely pounded, 9 dried black currants, 1 dried fig, 1/4 tsp of aniseed

Put all the ingredients in water and boil until 1/2 cup remains.

Drink this just before going to bed and as hot as possible. Preferably do not take anything else after this. Take this for 9 or 11 days. If it is persistent then it can be taken for longer too as it has no side effects. But after about 11 days leave out the dry ginger and take the rest. In winter though, the dry ginger can be continued if the physical constitution does not have heat related issues. Dry ginger is beneficial in drying out phlegm, so if the cough has dried out then it is not required anymore. Taking it when it is not required can accumulate heat in the system and create problems arising out of excess heat, even in thick winters.

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