Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Growing Alfa alfa at home

Hi, Vegans usually get their nutrition from so many different plant sources and alfa seeds are one such power packed source. I have been vegan now for more than 2 yrs and during this time there have been many instances when I have tried to get these seeds from the market. But they have either been out of stock or simply not available. So I decided to become independent and grow them myself. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I finally got success, so I decided to share it with all you friends out there. First of all here's what it looked like: The pods with the alfa seeds...
The flowers in full bloom....
Do-it-yourself - Soak a spoonful of the seeds overnight. Allow to sprout. Prepare a pot or a bed and sprinkle the sprouted seeds. More than 50% of the sprouts did not grow, so be prepared for that. It grows really long before you see some flowers on it. The stems need support. It is very easy to grow once you know how to start. But the one drawback is that you need to grow many plants to get just a few spoons of seeds!! Best to dedicate a corner of the garden to them so you will have just enough for your own need! I've decided to stock them up when I can get them as I sadly do not have the space to grow enough even for my own needs! Ciao to the alfa plants...!! Hope some of you out there can grow them yourself!

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