Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trip to a temple

I must share this most amazingly liberating experience I’ve had in years! Yesterday I consciously (on hubby dear’s insistence, I must admit) left behind my mobile phone at home and went out for 8 hours...! Try it. You’re going to love it too...

We went to Swami Narain Akshardham temple...a not-to-miss experience for anyone visiting Delhi. A word of caution electronics(which is why we were literally forced to ‘liberate’ ourselves from our mobiles...), and no handbags allowed. No amount of pulling strings will help! Of course there is a list of other things too but these are the ones we usually don’t think of leaving behind. And no you don’t have lockers to keep things. You deposit them and they are kept in the open. Luckily I had only house and car keys in my bag and none of the usual paraphernalia I carry! But I had to deposit anyway.

While on the premises you can keep your footwear on most of the time. There's one little stretch when you walk barefoot when you go inside the temple. We scorched our feet but found the secret...the trick is to walk on the marble and avoid the stone then you are relatively on 'cool grounds.'

They have some audio visual tours which must not be missed. Children are sure to enjoy the robotics shows especially running from one theatre to another for the next part of the show. They are so beautiful you want to click photos, but then alas no cameras allowed inside either...One room in particular which I enjoyed, (though I did enjoy the whole tour) ‘coz it resonates with our vegan principles was that of non-violence which was promoting vegetarianism (I do wish it was vegan really..) But nevertheless there were little baby animals asking their parents why do humans eat us...and the lion endearingly pointing out that it was him that was given the claws and teeth for eating animals but man was eating its food...!!

They have a canteen and you won’t come out hungry. They have some vegan options such as puri subzi, samosas, dosas, idlis, dhoklas etc. Hygeine....well let’s look at it this way, you just might get your dose of B12...Lol..!

The grand finale is the sound and light show around the fountains if you go in the evening...breathtakingly awesome is the word...No, not a run-of-the-mill temple trip this one...I usually stay away from temples but this one I recommend only because yeh zara hatke hai..! Go enjoy....

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