Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Directions for the Potluck venue on 27th March

From Metro Sector 9 station. Come out of Gate no.2. It will be on your right as you punch out. You come out to a rickshaw stand from where you are to turn left. When you turn left you'll see a Maruti Suzuki Magic Auto showroom. Just as you cross it there's a V fork on your right. The right fork goes backwards to the station again. Take the left fork which leads away from the station by turning right. Go straight upto the T junction where you'll see grey green multi storeyed buildings further ahead. Turn left from here. Go straight until another T junction(you'll see an old greyish brick wall). Ignore the left turn. From the T turn right. After you turn right, you'll see a police staff quarters on your right - Dilli Police Aavasiya Parisar. Bang opposite to it is a wall of pink bougainvillea. This comes on your left as you walk ahead. It conceals the beautiful park behind it. Just about 10 mtrs after you turn left you'll see a breached wall entrance - a shortcut entrance!
Sounds complicated? It's really not. You'll see :)
It's a DDA Park which you can see from the Metro as it's entering into the station. Look out from the left window just before you are about to reach the station.
You might want to take a rick (10 bucks) if it's hot and sunny. The shade of the trees in the park is a pleasant treat on a sunny afternoon!
Since there are no bins, we may have to bring bags for the trash.
Washroom facility is available at the Metro station.
If you are coming by road pls follow the same directions from the Exit no 2. For your reference, Exits are opposite each other so if you are at Exit 1, you'll need to do a full u turn of the building to come to Exit 2. It is a motorable 4 wheeler track to reach the park, though a bumpy one. There may be other ways to access it but you'll have to discover them yourself!
So see you all there! Eagerly awaiting our first potluck. Don't forget to bring your vegan goodies!!

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