Friday, August 20, 2010

Vegan for sure!

Veganism as such is difficult for people to accept because it shuns the usage of dairy products and is quite preposterous a thought to most Indians as we learn to ask for milk before we learn to speak our names! In such a situation resistance to veganism is understandable. But given the large scale benefits of veganism, an unlearning of dairy habits is very much required for a healthful future generation. Here I would say hats off to the vegan kids featured in the following article and also to those who were not on it. Check it out...

Being Vegan in Delhi sure seems difficult, but if we are determined to win, and join hands and begin to look around we are sure to find what we are looking for. So I am in the process of searching and will keep you updated on whatever I find.

At the same time if you have any information on where in Delhi organic fruits and vegetables are sold, do write in and share with the others so they can also benefit from the information.

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  1. I found this online store called the Altitude Store which sells organic fruits, vegetables and other stuff.
    You can check out the website. I have just ordered some stuff from the website, which they deliver to your home. I'm waiting for it to arrive on Thursday..

    hope this helps.